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a) Sitting capacity in the Reading Room 60
b) Number of Books 7697
c) Number of Titles 1897
d) Number of Reference books like encyclopaedias, dictionaries, Documents, reports etc. 5917
e) Names of journals subscribed a) University News
b) Current Science
c) Resonance
d) Pramana journals of physics e) Journals of chemical science
f) Gnan Bichitra
g) Disabilities and impairments
h) Indian journal of psychometry & education
i) Gcte journal of research and extension in education
j) Psycho lingua
k) Behavioural scientist
l) Anweshika: Journal of Teacher Education
m) Teacher Support
f) Number of books added during the previous academic session 1561
g) Number of books added during the current academic session 2169

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