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Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives of Bhavan's Tripura College of Teacher Education (BTCTE)

Mission of the Institution:

# Pursuing to achieve excellence in quality teaching learning.
# Providing access to the students for the optimal use of college infrastructure.
# Fostering and encouraging innovation and creativity.
# Recognizing and accepting social responsibility
# Creating an environment of intellectual stimulus, scientific inquiry and responsibility.
# Promoting social and community development and community development through inculcation of leadership spirit and productive team work.

Objectives of the Institutions:

# To provide suitable condition for the study of teaching-learning techniques.
# To manage and supervise the learners for their teaching Internship.
# To set up new ideas to promote the study through modern technology.
# To publish books, journals, etc on teacher education.
# To organize conference, seminar, workshop, orientation programme to help augment study on teaching.
# To usher in an all round development of the trainee by helping him/her gain knowledge as well as making them fluent speakers and expressive writers.
# To organize campus interview for playing the outgoing trainees in their respective field.

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