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Additional Information

Additional Information

The Chronological Events of the college from the inception are given below:

# Nov,2004 : Decision by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to start B.Ed college at Agartala, Tripura.

# 01.02.2005 : Principal of the college joined his office.

# 12.05.2005 : NCTE recognition received for B.Ed course (face to face) of one year duration with intake 100.

# 30.05.2005 : First College governing body meeting with the VC of Tripura University for different academic & administrative matters.

# 01.07.2005 : Joining of 7 assistant professors along with 3 official staff.

# 22.07.2005 : Inauguration of the B.Ed College (BTCTE) by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tripura in presence of Dr. Pratap Chandra Chunder, former union Education Minister, Sir Dhiru. S. Mehta, Excutive Secretary and Director General of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

# 29.07.2005 : Received provisional affiliation from Tripura University to start one year B.Ed course (face to face) with intake 100.

# 07.09.2005 : A MOU had been made between BTCTE & The George Telegraph Training Institute regarding initiatory of computer education along with B.Ed course.

# 01.03.2006 : 1st College Annual Magazine 'SHRITI' publication by honorable Chief Minister of Tripura at Blood Donation programme.

# 10.08.2006 : NSS unit open.

# 10.11.2006 : First Educational Excursion with B.Ed trainees to Tea Estate,Durgabari, Agartala.

# 01.01.2007 :College shifted to New Building.

# 15.03.2007 : Inauguration of new college building.

# 24.04.2007 : 5000 LPH Water Treatment plant has been setup for drinking purposes.

# 27.04.2007 : Insertion of college website with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.

# 30.04.2008 : College website has been development.

# 05.07.2008 : A team of Examination Branch, T.U had visited the college for observing the feasibility to open examination centre in our college.

# 15.09.2008 : Tripura University team visited our college for inspecting the feasibility of the college for granting permanent affiliation.

# 19.09.2008 : Received permanent affiliation from Tripura University for conducting one year B.Ed Course in face to face mode with intake 100.

# 16.12.2008 : One day workshop held on "Development of teaching Technique in school level" in College campus.

# 16.11.2010 : College arranged an educational tour to Baramura Eco Park with staff & trainees.

# 01.02.2011 : College has been selected as study centre for conducting 2 yrs B.Ed course under IGNOU (distance mode).

# 17.03.2012 : One day Teacher Orientation programme (Theme: Professional Aualities of an Education in Teaching Learning Environment and Quality teacher: A most for Quality Education) was held at the college Multipurpose Hall.

# 01.04.2012 : College has been selected as study centre for conducting 2 yrs B.Ed course under Tripura University (distance mode).

# 11.11.2013 : A 100 KV transformer has been setup for power generation purposes In the college campus.

# 29.04.2015 : Decision by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Agartala Kendra committee to start D.EL.Ed course at BTCTE, Narsingarh with intake 100.

# 15.05.2015 : NCTE revised recognition order received for B.Ed course (face to face)of two years duration with intake 100.

# 21.07.2015 : Application to SCERT requesting NOC for initiating 2 yrs D.EL.Ed course at BTCTE.

# 30.07.2015 : Received No objection certificate from state council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Govt. of Tripura for initiating D.EL.Ed course.

# 06.10.2015 : Land conversion Certificate, Land use Certificate & Land Possession Cum Encumbrance Certificate received from office of the Deputy collector & Magistrate, Mohanpur Revenue circle Govt. of Tripura.

# 07.10.2015 : College site plan, building plan etc. had been prepared other demarcation of land in the name of BTCTE.

# 01.03.2016 : Received Fire safety certificate from office of the Director Fire Service, Govt. of Tripura.

# 13.05.2016 : Online application to NCTE requesting to initiate D.EL.Ed course in face to face mode in two years duration.

# 26.05.2016 : Principal of the college has been selected as a visiting team member (VTM) of NCTE for inspecting the different teacher training college towards their feasibility for running the different teacher training courses.

# 12.08.2016 : Digitalization of college library begins.

# 22.08.2016 : A team of SCERT Govt. of Tripura had visited college for inspection to check the feasibility for starting D.EL.Ed course in the college from academic session 2017-18.

# 29.12.2016 : College has got status of section 2(f) and 12 (B) of UGC Act, 1956 in 2016.

#11.5.2017 :College received building safety certificate from competent authority.

#28.5.2017 & 29.5.2017 : A team of NCTE had visited the college for Inspection to check the feasibility for starting D.El.Ed course in the college from the academic session 2017-18.

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